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Specialized legal documentation preparation services in Lawndale, CA at a fraction of the cost

Advanced Paralegal Services strives to be the one stop shop for all of your paralegal services needs in Lawndale, CA. Specialized legal documentation for any legal need is prepared at a fraction of the cost.


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Documentation Prep Services


Sometimes parents do not have a scheduled visitation agreement regarding their minor children. We assist in getting an Order from the Court. We also modify current visitation orders. Visitation agreements are subject to change throughout parents’ custody agreements, and visitation documentation prep services take care of these changes in a simple and affordable way. As visitation schedules or rules change, these documentation services outline clearly the new visitation requests or needs so that changes may be made in family court.


If you need help with Custody and Visitation, Advanced Paralegal Services documentation prep services for custody cases help to make family court easier and more affordable for families of the Lawndale, CA region. These documentation preparations cover new custody cases and those ongoing, as well as any changes being filed to previous custody agreements. With custody documentation prep services from our paralegal professionals, families can rest assured their custody needs are being taken care of.


Divorce Is a stressful and difficult time for couples going through the process. Advanced Paralegal Services assists you in preparing the required Divorce documents at an affordable price. Whether it is simple or complicated, they are with you every step of the way.


If your loved one did not leave a Will, you are most likely to end up in Probate. We can provide you with assistance in preparing the Probate forms.

Attorney Assistance

If you do not feel comfortable representing yourself at a Court hearing in Lawndale, CA, we have attorneys that can represent you.


Find Peace of Mind in 3 Easy Steps

Free Case Evaluation

A case evaluation appointment gets to the bottom of your legal needs and how our paralegal services can best serve you.

File the Documents

After your documents are drafted to best suit your legal need, they will then be filed by registered paralegal professionals to lessen the worry for you.


Along with paralegal services for your legal documentation, attorneys are also available to assist and represent you with professionalism and experience throughout your legal case.

Why Clients Choose Us

We achieve results and clients know that we are behind them every step of the way.

Flat Rates

While Advanced Paralegal Services strives to provide affordable flat fees for all paralegal services, we also provide sliding scale pricing per need and ability to pay. This allows us to serve all of the Lawndale, CA community equally.

Rush Same-Day Service

Rush same-day or next-day services are available to those in need, for an additional fee. These services allow our Lawndale, CA Clients to get the legal documentation they require when they require it in emergency cases.

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited revisions for Court documents ensure that your Court documents are just right and exactly what you need. For Marital Settlement Agreements, revisions are limited to 2 to 3 changes.

Proven Track Record

Advanced Paralegal Services services have a proven track record of success, affordability, and convenience for our Clients. Those in Lawndale, CA who seek out our services are left feeling confident and knowledgeable about their legal process.

Court Time Avoided

Taking a case to Court in Lawndale, CA is a stressful experience for all. Advanced Paralegal Services helps in filing the documents so you can avoid going to the Court yourself.

Clear Communication

Communication is always kept clear. This ensures that not only are your legal needs in Lawndale, CA met, but you’re in a position of understanding throughout the entire process.

Experienced Experts in Lawndale, CA

Our experienced and licensed paralegal staff leaves Clients feeling assured that they’ve made the best possible decision for their case. With experience on our side, our paralegal professionals are here to answer any questions Clients may have.

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