Paralegal Services in Lawndale, CA


Our top services affordably cover all of your legal documentation needs in Lawndale, CA, as well as assistance should you require the representation of an attorney. From Divorce and Custody documentation needs, to legal assistance in helping you to navigate the Probate process, we have you covered with our professional experience and expertise in a variety of areas.


Divorce services in Lawndale, CA walk our Clients through the process of dissolving their marriage affordably and with compassion. From the initial consultation, our professionals will determine just what services you require while answering any questions you may have.

Pricing is kept straight forward and honest to provide a budget-friendly experience for couples of any need.


The Custody agreement process is one that is daunting for any parents in Lawndale, CA. Custody services pair you with professional paralegals to clear confusion from the custody process and take care of any necessary documentation required for coming to your desired result.

Straight forward pricing and sliding scale needs ensure an affordable Custody process experience.


Creating visitation agreements can be a stressful experience for the parent holding primary custody of a child or children in Lawndale, CA.

Advanced Paralegal Services’s visitation paralegal services answers your questions about the process, determines your personal legal need, and takes care of all of the documentation you may require for a smooth visitation scheduling experience.


A legal process following a death, there is often a great deal of outstanding stress involved in the Probate process.

Advanced Paralegal Services’s affordable and professional paralegal services keep you informed and confident about the probate process, while taking care of any necessary documentation you may require to ensure a smooth experience.

Additional Services

Attorney assistance are available for those who require legal representation, as well as paralegal services for creating a corporation/LLC, Landlord and Tenant assistance, Unlawful Detainer services, Limited and Unlimited Civil case assistance, Small claims and much more.

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Our experienced and licensed staff is available in multiple Southern California locations so you can get the help you need where it's convenient and closest to you.

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