Having to deal with the difficulties and probate court following the death of a loved one is an especially challenging and trying ordeal; especially if there was no will, or only a partial will left behind.

Many issues come up in probate court, and it is hard to avoid. In the case that no will was left behind to determine the matters of the estate, probate court is unavoidable. Even when there is a will, banks and financial institutions do not have the ability to verify a will and that responsibility is left up to the probate court. This process can be especially confusing if the estate has debts against it. Determining how the debt is collected, negotiating a settlement, and avoiding liens against any property left behind in the state all require the guidance of a legal professional.

We also offer legal assistance for small claims courts, especially if you are going up against someone who has obtained the services of a legal professional. It is important to know what your options are, the likely outcome of the case, and what type of agreements or settlements can be arranged.

We offer all these services, and more, to the people of Lawndale CA at affordable rates. Don’t try and navigate these difficult topics alone, contact us and let us help you.