We’re one of the leading law firms providing legal assistance to the people of Lawndale, CA – and we hire some of the best legal experts in the business to ensure our high success rate. Do you need a lawyer on your side? Here are some of the different services we have to offer explained.

Divorce Services:

Divorce is often something that people want to get over with as soon as possible – and whether you’re about to get divorced or disputing a divorce agreement, our lawyers can assist with every step of the process.

Custody Agreements:

Custody disputes are common, and our experts have successfully defended many of them in court over decades of legal practice. We also have other custodial agreements such as elderly care covered.

Visitation Rights:

Visitation rights aren’t always a clean-cut case in court – and for any disputes or claims, we’re one of the best legal firms to have on your side.

Probate Claims:

Probate claims is an area of law requiring special expertise, and we’ll make sure to assign a probate law expert to your case.

Small Claims Court:

Does someone owe money – or is someone trying to claim it from you? We’re experts at how to institute and defend cases in small claims court. Just get in touch our team to find out more.