Legal situations can be confusing, tricky and even sometimes terrifying. If you’d like to start legal proceedings or have to defend yourself against them, you’re going to need an experienced attorney on your side. Here’s why we’re one of the top legal firms for Lawndale, CA and surrounding areas:

Free First Consultation

The first consultation with one of the legal experts from our firm is free. From there, we’ll discuss the merits of your case and how we can help you to get there. At the end of your first consultation, you’ll know exactly where you stand on legal grounds and how we can help.

A Range of Cases Covered

Advanced Paralegal Services covers a wide range of different cases and legal situations, including the instituting and defending of divorce, custody, visitation and probate cases. We can also help with a range of other legal situations, including letters of demand and general legal advice: If you aren’t sure, ask.

Affordable Rates

Most people who need a lawyer don’t have thousands of dollars to front. We offer affordable rates that suit your legal situation – and won’t destroy your budget.  

All of Lawndale, CA

Our lawyers are trained, qualified and ready to hear your case. We cover all of Lawndale, CA and surrounding areas.