Our team of experienced professional paralegals is ready to provide you legal assistance in your legal cases, such as, but not limited to:

  1. Probate Court. The process of certifying the last will and testament of a deceased individual. It includes valuing their estate, determining their beneficiaries, declaring an executor in charge of estate distribution, and legally transferring the estate to the determined beneficiaries. This entire process can be long and arduous, taking at least 10 to 18 months if uncontested. Our paralegals are ready to assist you in preparing what you need to contest or to fight a contention during a probate hearing.
  2. Small Claims Court. This is a forum where people can present their legal disputes without the expense and the process required for a full trial. These are mostly civil cases tried in informal proceedings, with the litigants presenting their own sides and evidence before the judge themselves. In the past, we have helped numerous clients present, argue, and win their cases in their various small claims court proceedings.

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