Lawndale, CA Paralegal Testimonials

Ryan R.

“Adriana and her team were FANTASTIC!!! No games, straight forward, and professional. Thank you so much!!!”

John F.

“Adriana and Andrea are both very nice, professional, and did a great job for me, I would highly recommend them for your legal services. Thank you again!”

Ken D.

“I can say that I do not legal proceedings , I felt so lost and confused ,and I called so many different paralegal services and I still felt confused. than I happened upon advanced legal services and I can say talking to Adriana was a God send she made me feel comfortable and was very experience in all my legal matters. I highly recommend advanced paralegal for all your legal services…”

Herb M.

“Divorce and child custody issues are never an easy thing to deal with. The paperwork and the legal documents are enough to drown in. Let alone, trying to navigate through. You have to carefully maneuver your way through it every step of the way. It’s like walking through a mine field. FORTUNATELY, there’s Advanced Paralegal Services. Adriana helped me from the minute I stepped into the office. I had a million questions. I didn’t always get the answer I wanted to hear, but I always got the right answer. Adriana was kind and thoughtful through all of my legal issues and made sure I was kept informed. It was exactly what I needed to make my case heard. Anyone reading this review should know this….. legal issues can make everyone nervous. Legal issues can make anyone have anxiety. After speaking to Adriana, all of those feelings were gone. Thank you Andrea and Adriana at Advanced Paralegal Services for helping me resolve what I thought I couldn’t.”

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Gabriela B.

“I called A.P.S. and was helped out by Andrea, she was super helpful. She answered all my questions about filing for full parental custody of my child. She explained to me how to file all the necessary paper work for full custody. She made me feel at ease and answered every question I had, she made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend you call advanced paralegal services for and legal needs and ask for Andrea, she is simply the best to work with!”

Areli L.

“I don’t often write reviews, however going through a divorce is not a easy process. Luckily I was able to speak to Adriana, she was patient, kind, knowledgeable and very professional about my situation. I highly recommend the professionals working at this location.”

Patty L.

“I was looking for someone to help me out with a current situation and a family friend referred me to Advanced Paralegal Services and I couldn’t be happier with the services that I got. They explained from beginning to end and took me step by step. I am definitely referring them.”

Norma H.

“I called advanced paralegal services and was fortunate enough to be assisted by Adriana NO ONE likes to have to deal with legal issues but fortunately she made my unpleasant experience pleasant she thoroughly answered my questions, informed me of my options and enabled me to feel comfortable going forward! I highly recommend their services and hope that if you have to make this call you get lucky enough to speak to Adriana!”

Ron B.

“Excellent Service!! I had to re-file a divorce that had been dragging forever and got it done before the estimated date!! Thank you Ladies!!”

H. K.

“Advanced Paralegal has been really good to me. They have assisted me when I was the most vulnerable. They clearly explained my options and the prices are VERY resonable. Give them a call and make an appointment for a consultation. They will make you feel very comfortable when you need it the most. There is no need to pay the high price of an attorney when a paralegal service can take care of you!”

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